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lundi 2 juillet 2012

C♥M011: Kill! Kill! Death! Death! vs. Rotor Perdition

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are immensely proud to bring you Kill! Kill! Death! Death! vs. Rotor Perdition !!

After a mind-blowingly great debut album and a series of impressive singles, Kill! Kill! Death! Death! honed their skills further and deliver an astounding new track, "Syndicate of Death", complete with deadpan-then-manic vocals, airtight production and amazing feedback.

Rotor Perdition's Black Cat Gorilla is violent, dark and heavy, it's filled with the kind of overwhelming tension that will sound familiar to those who listened to his tough-as-nails debut tape.

Free Download (320kbps MP3): http://www.mediafire.com/?nd8yn44m33a707m
Limited cassette release:5€ each + postage
E-mail cachalotmidinette@gmail.com to order

Cover art by Encre

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