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lundi 23 mars 2009

C♥M002 : Fuck Buddies - Burials

C♥M002 is Fuck Buddies' fourth album, "Burials."

Harmonium / Acoustic Guitar / Vocals and lots of layering. Sounds like a mix of Nico's "Marble Index", Xiu Xiu's "Fag Patrol" and Smog's "Wild Love", with the nightlight on.

What he says about it : "My grandparents died, I had a harmonium."

A Good Man / The New Year / The Darkest Regions / Stacks / Boats / LEN / Burials / Zhang Yaoyi / A Secret / Bombs


50-copies limited CDR with blockprinted covers :

Europe 8€ / World 9€ postage paid
Order/inquiries : cachalotmidinette@gmail.com

More on Fuck Buddies : http://fuckbuddies.deadbees.com/

dimanche 22 mars 2009

C♥M001 : Fuck Buddies - Justice EP

C♥M001 is Sebastien Duclos' final Fuck Buddies release, "Justice."

The last Fuck Buddies release, 4 songs recorded in 2006. It's about deception, betrayal and disillusion. Heavy synth-pop production, beats and yamaha keyboards.

Justice / Not So Awkward / Oh Paul / Will You Be Here for Me (version)


50-copies limited CDR with blockprinted covers :

Europe 6€ / World 7€ (postage paid)
Order/inquiries : cachalotmidinette@gmail.com

More on Sébastien Duclos/Fuck Buddies : http://fuckbuddies.deadbees.com/