C♥M : JUNE 2014

We're still here.

dimanche 8 juin 2014

C♥M014 - Jaakko - Ciao Jaakko

We met with Jaakko a couple of years ago when he sent us an email asking where were the shows happening in this city, because he couldn't find any. We told him it was because there weren't actually any shows here and invited him for beer. We became friends, and then, a couple of months ago he told us he was moving to a stupid northern country where it snows in may. Rotor Perdition, overwhelmed by the news and still in shock from learning that Jaakko had named his newborn son after him, wrote a very awkward song (coming soon, we guess) and we prepared this goodbye present that got downgraded into a birthday present when he texted us that he was staying for one more year:

Jaakko - Ciao Jaakko 7"
A. Rosa Mota
B1. The Girl from the National Coalition Party
B2. The Day Britney Dies

Now you might think "wait, haven't these songs already been released twice already, first on We Were Never Boring's "The Girl from the National Coalition Party" EP then on Cachalot Midinette's "Riga" cassette (with three other stellar songs)?!" And you wouldn't be wrong.

You see, these three songs are so good we had to release them a third time, but in order to get out of our rut we chose to release them as a 7". We blackmailed Encre into designing it for free and we had the cheapest company we could find do it and it sounds horrible it looks beautiful. Just one copy was made:

Still, duly anticipating an overwhelming amount of complaint emails, we've put this release on the Free Music Archive and you can also download it without any kind of hassle here: https://mega.co.nz/#!xo9kxYra!MXh_7wOol19qQ6garOuyPIT-rKbGGLOqdnZ7roTTnzQ