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samedi 28 août 2010

C♥M006: Fuck Buddies - Summer Rain / Wolf Mountain CS

C♥M006 is Fuck Buddies' first cassette release. You may have heard him previously on one of his 8 (9?) CDR releases for Dead Bees Records and Cachalot Midinette. If not, he's a singer songwriter. "It's all i have to say about that", he told us. He really likes Bill Callahan, Arab Strap, Elliott Smith and Xiu Xiu, for whom he has opened. His music has been described as "bleak" but "heartwrenchingly sincere" and works as a fascinating therapeutic tool /exorcising device.

He is back with a two-song tape, featuring the awesome artwork above. The music was done with the Korg software for the Nintendo DS and it sounds cold, synth-ish and softly threatening. Both songs were recorded in 2009 which was, according to him, "mostly a bad year." He told us: "Summer Rain is about a recurring dream, Wolf Mountain is about giving up."

Cassette release limited to 30 copies.
5€ each + postage
E-mail cachalotmidinette @ gmail.com to order

Direct download: http://www.mediafire.com/?abq8ihjn9h0lv47
You can also stream it on WFMU's Free Music Archive

More on Fuck Buddies: http://fuckbuddies.deadbees.com