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samedi 28 août 2010

C♥M006: Fuck Buddies - Summer Rain / Wolf Mountain CS

C♥M006 is Fuck Buddies' first cassette release. You may have heard him previously on one of his 8 (9?) CDR releases for Dead Bees Records and Cachalot Midinette. If not, he's a singer songwriter. "It's all i have to say about that", he told us. He really likes Bill Callahan, Arab Strap, Elliott Smith and Xiu Xiu, for whom he has opened. His music has been described as "bleak" but "heartwrenchingly sincere" and works as a fascinating therapeutic tool /exorcising device.

He is back with a two-song tape, featuring the awesome artwork above. The music was done with the Korg software for the Nintendo DS and it sounds cold, synth-ish and softly threatening. Both songs were recorded in 2009 which was, according to him, "mostly a bad year." He told us: "Summer Rain is about a recurring dream, Wolf Mountain is about giving up."

Cassette release limited to 30 copies.
5€ each + postage
E-mail cachalotmidinette @ gmail.com to order

Direct download: http://www.mediafire.com/?abq8ihjn9h0lv47
You can also stream it on WFMU's Free Music Archive

More on Fuck Buddies: http://fuckbuddies.deadbees.com

dimanche 20 juin 2010

C♥M003: Various Artists - Just Let Us Be Great CS

A little more than a year ago, when we first started this label, we thought that releasing a tape compilation, an actual mixtape, would be a good idea. So we printed a few newsletters, most of which would end up drenched in Estrella Damm beer- and set out to Barcelona, for the PrimaveraSound festival, our main mission being, second only to getting a seat in the auditorium for the My Bloody Valentine show (we did), handing out the newsletters with badges and stickers, trying to have people send us music for the comp. We did, and they did, and it's been a really gratifying and moving process. We are very proud of this release and we hope you'll like it.

A1. Tired Hippo - A.G. Ja Ho Havia Dit
A2. Spirit Night - Don't Miss Me
A3. Kill! Kill! Death! Death! - Cold Mountains
A4. Rotor Perdition - Hope
A5. Goat River - Mount Rushmore's Mushroom
A6. Drawings on a Chalkboard - The Blues Ain't My Cuppa Tea
A7. The Big Head Troubled Boy - Me Da Igual
B1. Fuck Buddies - Oh Eve
B2. YGBK - The Day Mothra Won (Pt. 2)
B3. Off Garde - In ThereB4. Baghdadi N - Tyrian Bal
B5. Yeepee - Jonas

The tapes are 5€ each + postage. E-mail cachalotmidinette@gmail.com to order.

Free download (High quality 320kbps MP3): http://www.mediafire.com/?mn2zzmjniwm
You can also stream and download the tracks individually on WFMU's Free Music Archive

Tired Hippo (Barcelona, Spain) still works around the same idea that Ferran Baucells & Itziar Goñi started with 8 years ago: to pick up an acoustic guitar and write & record songs and then more. Critics define their music as a cross between weird-folk, lo-fi and epic songwriting. During these years they have self-edited several compilations of songs such as 'Sweet Après-Dinner' (2008) or '7' (2009), but the idea is always to look for that special new song.

The Big Head Troubled Boy's Mireia Pascual guests on "A.G. Ja Ho Havia Dit"

Spirit Night is the alias of Dylan Balliett, a musician based out of Shepherdstown, West Virginia USA. He just released his great debut album, "What We Will Be", which features a more fleshed-out version of "Don't Miss Me".

Kill! Kill! Death! Death! (Dublin, Ireland) mug people for fun. They also are a lo-fi rock band. "Cold Mountains" is an excerpt from their forthcoming debut album, which will be released when they figure out how not to drink all their money away.

Rotor Perdition (Strasbourg, France) is one man trying to make the most out of memories and his cheap, awesome keyboard. The result is raw and highly emotional. "Say It Like It Feels", his debut cassette, was released on Cachalot Midinette records in 2009 and he is currently working on his second release, which is, according to what we're told, highly influenced by the amazing post-irony TV show Glee.

Goat River (Toulouse, France) are a stoner band. "Mount Rushmore's Mushroom" is an excerpt from their heavy self-titled debut album. They really like the desert.

Drawings On A Chalkboard is a solo project from Bega, Australia; with special guests along the way. "The Blues Ain't My Cuppa Tea" was recorded as a two piece, Danny Archbold on drums and Drawings on a Chalkboard on vocals and guitars, this song is previously unreleased, but may end up on a new album very soon.

The Big Head Troubled Boy is a project located between London and Barcelona, which flows between folk and jazz. Lead by catalan singer M., the band varies its repertoire according to the city, or the musicians avaliable. Right now it is a jazz trio, with Nick Kaçal on double bass and Miguel Ballester on drums, plus M. on guitar and vocals. The Big Head Troubled Boy can be just M. singing a tiny sentimental song or a power jazz trio improvising on 6/14. In 2010 they have played at the Primavera Sound Festival and they released their debut album, "Broken".

"Me Da Igual" is a sentimental, embrionary home production of one of the tracks on the album, called "She's so unfair". It is part of a home recordings collection which will be released on Cachalot Midinette later this year.

Fuck Buddies (Strasbourg, France) is a singer-songwriter. His two last releases ("Burials" and "Justice") were released on Cachalot Midinette last year. "Oh Eve" is part of a forthcoming EP.

YGBK (Jakarta, Indonesia) considers himself, according to a very brief phone conversation, as something we didn't really get, but which sounded clever and impressive. "The Day Mothra Won (pt.2)" is an edited version of a much longer piece. We're looking forwards to hearing more from him.

Off Garde (Dublin, Ireland) loves Robert Wyatt.

Baghdadi N (n/a, n/a) sent us this great track and then disappeared. We hope you are well, Baghdadi N.

Yeepee (Paris, France) is Emmanuel's (guitar, vocals) echo chamber. (Le collectif) Yeepee is an ever-evolving project, oscillating between one-man band, duet or live string quartet. The band stands at a crossroad between popular tradition (folk and blues), improvised experimentations and contemporary writing. The project has been feeding its growth off tours (France, Finland, Spain, Japan, Russia, Italy, etc) and lovely encounters.

Artwork by Encre